Essential features
and functionality

This is probably the greatest thing that's ever happened in my life. You have to make those little noises or it won't work. This is probably the greatest thing that's ever happened in my life. You have to make those little noises or it won't work.

Calendar view

A centralized view that displays availability, bookings, and other relevant information in one place, providing a quick and comprehensive overview.

boocabin Calendar view
Coming soon

Multiple currencies / languagues

Supporting multiple currencies and languages acknowledges the global nature of the vacation rental market, catering to owners with properties in different countries and meeting diverse language needs.

boocabin Multiple currencies / languagues
Coming soon

Customer ratings

A feature that allows owners to manage and reward loyal customers based on their ratings, offering discounts or making decisions on booking requests accordingly.

boocabin Customer ratings
Coming soon

Booking platforms connections

Integration with popular booking platforms like and Airbnb ensures that availability is synchronized, preventing double bookings across different channels.

boocabin Booking platforms connections
Coming soon

Tiers / Tour based availability

Differentiating between tiers and tour availability caters to the specific needs of cabin and cottage owners who often have unique stay length requirements based on the type of booking.

boocabin Tiers / Tour based availability
Coming soon

Instant / Request bookings

Empowering owners to have control over their calendar and customer acceptance by offering options for instant bookings or requests, giving them flexibility in managing reservations.

boocabin Instant / Request bookings
Coming soon

Multiple widgets per place

The ability to use different styles and types of availability calendars and booking widgets for a single property allows for flexible and targeted advertising on various platforms.

boocabin Multiple widgets per place
Coming soon

Google calendar sync

Seamless integration with Google Calendar, enabling two-way synchronization, so bookings can be managed both within Boocabin and directly from Google Calendar.

boocabin Google calendar sync
Free (one-way)
Coming soon

Season pricing

The ability to split the year into multiple seasons allows owners to adjust pricing based on peak seasons, ensuring flexibility in rates for different times of the year.

boocabin Season pricing
Coming soon

Booking management

A suite of tools for managing bookings, including setting custom pricing, rating customers, and handling payment details, enhancing control and customization for property owners.

boocabin Booking management
Coming soon

Accept payments / deposits

The flexibility to accept full payments or set deposits helps in securing bookings and managing financial transactions efficiently.

boocabin Accept payments / deposits
Coming soon

Complex place management

Cabin and cottage-specific place management tools, allowing owners to customize details such as availability types, rental configurations (whole place or multiple units), amenities, capacity, bed types, and more.

boocabin Complex place management
Coming soon

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How it works?


Create and pimp your place

Transform your cabin or cottage listing effortlessly with Boocabin. Set up amenities, capacity, and bed types using our user-friendly Complex Place Management feature. Showcase your property with custom widgets tailored to your style.


Set up your availability & pricing

Tailor your rental experience with Boocabin's Season Pricing and Tiers/Tour-Based Availability. Customize rates based on seasons, and set specific stay lengths for different guest types, ensuring a pricing strategy that suits your cabin or cottage.


Create widget and place it to your website

Drive bookings directly from your website. With Boocabin, effortlessly create custom widgets and showcase real-time availability. Increase reservations by seamlessly embedding these widgets for a user-friendly booking experience on your site.